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My full name is Dalitso Mark Tembo. I was born and raised in a Christian family, and have pretty much grown up going to church. I used to sing in the junior (kids) choir when I was young and later stopped along the way. The next time I tried singing in front of people was when I was in secondary at Chalo Trust School. It was the first time I had to sing alone in front of a crowd, and I was so nervous that I started in a high and shaky key. I was laughed at because I was told I sang like a girl. I did not sing again for a while after that.

Later I went to Australia to study. While there an announcement was made in the church I attended; they were looking for more musicians and singers. I did not volunteer, but the lady who was sitting next to me volunteered me because she had heard me sing and thought I sounded good. I reluctantly joined, because it involved standing and singing in front of people. At the same church I had an emotional heartbreak which left me shattered. It lasted about 2 years.

Towards the end of that 2 year period something strange happened: tunes just started coming to my head out of the blue. At first I ignored it and didn’t think much of it. Later I began to think to myself that this was not usual and there was obviously a reason why. I started to pray about it and later, within 3 months 12 songs were written. The album is called When God Says Yes because I had been told I would never do many things including this album, but God said YES!!

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