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Born November 21st, Mzenga Emmanuel Mwale also known as DJ Mzenga Man is a Multi award winning Zambian Music Producer, Song writer, Sound Engineer, Manager & Promoter. Mzenga Man Started his Music Career in 2009 as a Hip Hop Artist but a year later completely diverted into Music Production. Besides music, He is a holder of a Bachelors Degree in Business Admin and also Master Degree in the same Discipline but majored in Finance & Marketing.

He founded his Record Label M. Beats Generation Music in 2010 and established it 2011. Worked so hard and produced great music in the local area where he was situated and started building his career. His first Platinum country wide singles that saw him rise to fame were two songs he Produced for Multi Award Winner- Slapdee known as Atambikafye and Walanswamo in November 2012. 

Beginning of 2013 he was signed as XYZ Head of Production. Were he Produced hits after hits for Various Artists under XYZ such as Stevos Paya Flow, Bobby East's Sanduka and so on.... He further Produced Slapdee's Album The Business which won Several awards- Best Album of the Year, Best Hip Hop Album 2013 and so on.... He tremendously became the most fast rising famous Producer in that year! 

Since 2014 he has been working on several top chatting records with various artists especialy the cream of Zambian Music such as Exile, Danny Kaya, Karasa, Petersen, Roberto, Bobby East, Stevo, Macky 2, Chef, Cleo Ice Queen, General Ozzy, Krytic, Pilato, Slapdee, and so on... The songs he has been Producing dominate a fair chunk of airplay on most Zambian radio stations. To date he has produced several award winning albums such as King Solomon by Petersen, also part of the productions on the 2016 ZMA Award winning- Best Hip Hop Album of the year 'B- East" by Bobby East, DJ Mzenga Man- Man of the Year Mixtape, Smaq The Genesis Album, Make it Happen compilation, Stevo The Situation Series Mixtape and so on. He has since worked with almost all the big names you can think of in the Zambian Music Industry from Hip Hop to Dance Hall and RnB Genres

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