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Willz Mr Nyopole Releases "Ntangateni" Visuals

Published: 2024-06-13T13:46:01Z -4,420 People Read This

Ntangateni Willz Mr Nyopole

Zambian music sensation Willz Mr Nyopole has just unleashed his much-awaited single, “Ntangateni”, sending ripples across the music scene. Translating to “Help Me” in English, this track is already sparking excitement within the industry.

With a fusion of traditional Zambian rhythms and contemporary production, “Ntangateni” radiates with Willz's unmistakable style. Its lively tempo and infectious hooks are poised to dominate the summer airwaves, promising to get even the most reluctant feet tapping on the dance floor.

Willz’s lyrical finesse takes center stage in this release, showcasing his distinct flair and creativity. “Ntangateni” stands as a testament to his artistic growth and innovation, leaving fans eager for more from this talented musician.

Watch Video Below


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