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Lusaka DJ Accused Of Sexual Abuse, Remanded To Prison

Published: 2024-02-24T10:12:59Z -2,647 People Read This

Lusaka Magistrates Court Zambia

A 25-year-old DJ from Kanyama Township, Lusaka, has denied allegations of unnatural offences after being accused of sexually abusing four underage girls.

Kelvin Mutale faces charges of allegedly engaging in sexual acts with the minors, all under the age of 16, by reportedly forcing them to perform oral sex at his residence.


Charged with four counts of unnatural offences under section 155(a) of the Penal Code, Mutale pleaded not guilty during his appearance before Lusaka magistrate Crispin Hampungani.

Seeking bail pending trial, Mutale's request was unopposed by the State. Magistrate Hampungani granted him bail amounting to K20,000, to be paid in cash, and required two sureties for his release on bond.

The case has been adjourned until March 19 for trial proceedings.

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