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It Has Ended In Tears, Singer Kanina Kandalama's Relationship Is Over

Published: 2024-02-14T21:59:02Z -2,474 People Read This

Kanina Kandalama Boyfriend

Heartbreak has struck a young Zambian man who sacrificed his own dreams to nurture his girlfriend's music career, only to be abandoned by the celebrity woman.

Sancool Beezo reveals that troubles began when his partner, Kanina Kandalama, started mingling with influential circles. The music producer discloses that his relationship with Kandalama has come to an end due to irreconcilable differences.

In a candid statement, Beezo shares his regret over the breakup, citing ongoing conflicts and misunderstandings. He fondly reminisces about the happier times they shared, contrasting them with the recent tensions that led to their separation.

Beezo reflects on their five-year relationship, highlighting how he supported Kandalama before she gained fame. He expresses dismay at the change in her behavior after becoming popular and mingling with influential individuals.

Feeling disrespected and humiliated despite his years of dedication, Beezo laments that Kandalama now desires a partner who can lavish her with expensive gifts.

He shares his frustration at not being able to meet her material expectations, particularly when compared to his friends who flaunt luxury cars.


In Beezo's own words, "After all I have done for her, I only received insults, disrespect, and humiliation." The painful realization dawns that their love story, once filled with promise, has now ended in tears.

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