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Yo Maps Confirms, He Can Never Support Chile One

Published: 2024-02-04T21:27:43Z -5,705 People Read This

Yo Maps Chile One Mr Zambia

Renowned Zambian artist Yo Maps has broken the silence on why he refrains from offering support to the fast-rising singer "Chile One Mr Zambia."

In an era where established artists commonly extend support to emerging talents, Yo Maps appears to defy this trend in the case of Chile One.

Reports suggest that while many Zambian musicians have generously supported their counterparts, Yo Maps has consistently withheld support from Chile One, even though the latter stands as the second most trending singer in the country.

Addressing the mounting allegations, Yo Maps has now confirmed his stance, asserting that he refuses to promote Chile One's music because, in his opinion, the emerging singer does not merit his support.

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