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B1 Defies Critics, Unveils Plans for New Music

Published: 2024-01-20T21:07:03Z -3,223 People Read This

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Responding to the calls from eager fans for new music, B1 assures that he's actively working on fresh material slated for release this year. In addition to his musical endeavors, the singer and songwriter have plans to establish his own music label.

Known for hits like "Perfecto," "Sikiriti," "Chipute," and more over the last two decades, B1 remains a prominent figure in Zambian music. While acknowledging the demand for new projects, he emphasizes the longevity of his career and the enduring popularity of his past releases.

Addressing critics who question the relevance of established artists, B1 draws parallels with fellow veterans like K’Millian, Afunika, and General Ozzy, categorizing them as legends and pioneers of Zambian music.

He notes the ever-evolving music industry, expressing admiration for upcoming artists and the positive direction of Zambia's musical landscape.

B1, grounded in his dedication to music, dispels the notion of retirement in the industry, emphasizing that artists may not release music as frequently as fans desire.

As he ventures into new projects and explores entrepreneurship with his music label, B1 remains a resilient force in the Zambian music scene.

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