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Zambian Gospel Singer Tio Nason Stresses Unity in Arts

Published: 2024-01-20T20:57:08Z -2,137 People Read This

Zambian Gospel Singer Tio Nason

Zambian singing sensation, Tio Nason, recently took to social media to emphasize the crucial need for synergy among various artistic industries in Zambia, including Film, Music, Design, Fashion, and Crafts.

According to him, fostering collaboration between these sectors is key to substantial growth for each industry.

Delving deeper into this concept, he highlighted the significance of Zambian filmmakers actively engaging with skilled music producers who possess a profound understanding of the art form.

Tio Nason believes that collaborative efforts in creating professional music scores can significantly enhance the quality of film productions.

Furthermore, he encourages artists to take the initiative in connecting with local film productions, exploring opportunities to craft official soundtracks tailored for specific projects.

This, in his view, not only boosts artistic cohesion but also contributes to the overall development of the creative landscape in Zambia.

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