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Here's Why Mutale Mwanza Travelled To Malawi

Published: 2023-11-29T15:17:17Z -2,318 People Read This

Zambia Mutale Mwanza Tay Grin Malawi

A few days ago, Zambian socialite – Mutale Mwanza travelled to neighbouring Malawi to attend an event in the capital Lilongwe.

The meet and greet event featured some of Malawi’s public figures including musician Tay Grin.

A day after the event, Mutale Mwanza took to social media lying to her followers how she and Tay Grin were planning to build a house on the Islands of Lake Malawi.

Of course, many thought it was true, but, friends close to Tay Grin have whispered to that, the two were on a video shoot for one of Tay Grin’s upcoming songs set to be released soon.

“Very soon, you will watch Tay Grin’s new music video featuring Zambia’s Mutale Mwanza, eheheheh Tay Grin does not have money to buy a house in Lilongwe, so how can he afford building a house on an Island ?” a source revealed to this website.

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