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Singer Jemax Says, Zambian Musicians Are Not Appreciative

Published: 2023-11-28T10:19:45Z -2,465 People Read This

Zambian Singer Jemax

As you read this, presumes, talented Zambian singer, song-writer and music producer – Jemax sounds not to be a happy man.

Rumour coming in from Kabwe has it that, Jemax’s relationship with fellow musicians has started descending.

During an interview with a local television station, singer Jemax confirmed that, out of all the musicians he has composed songs for; none of them has ever appreciated him.

“I have written songs for some of the artists that you already know; - a big percentage of those songs have been mega hits, while others have paved way for some singers. However, there is no single artist that has thanked me enough”, Jemax roared in a deep voice.

“If you can not pay me for writing a song for you, atleast be nice and acknowledge my efforts as a composer by giving me a shout-out in that particular song” said Jemax while citing an example of the song he wrote for Xaven aka the Kopala Queen.

With a tough face during the interview, Jemax vowed never to write a song for any singer who is not willing to pay him the amount of money he wants.

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