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Stop Calling Me An Upcoming Singer, Says Vinchenzo

Published: 2023-11-27T17:45:07Z -2,614 People Read This

Zambian singer Vinchenzo

Uprising Zambian musician – Vinchenzo Mbale is very angry at anyone who categorizes him as an upcoming singer.

Apparently, Vinchenzo believes he is not an upcoming singer anymore.

“I have recorded songs that have gone viral, songs that have healed broken hearts, songs that have made people dance, I have also performed on big stages here in Zambia, therefore I am no-longer an up-comer”, said Vinchenzo.

Vinchenzo’s annotations have shelled after him being nominated in the category of “Best Upcoming Artiste” – something that forced him to ask the awards’ organisers to withdraw his nomination.

Some of Vinhcenzo’s biggest songs are, Ma Reasons, Machimo, Jehova and Msalezele.

It should be noted that, all the above songs were sung by Vinchenzo but, they feature other Zambian musicians.

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