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Prophetess Naise Appears On Reality TV Show, Critics React

Published: 2023-09-28T19:50:14Z -3,299 People Read This

Prophetess Naise Zambia

Many people are curious about why a female religious figure is taking part in a television program renowned for its glitz and drama.

Some individuals have raised worries about the intersection of faith and entertainment, suggesting that Prophetess Naise might be pursuing fame and attention.


Conversations about this matter span from lighthearted remarks regarding her "preaching the word of gold" to more profound concerns about the authenticity of her spiritual role.

The controversy surrounding Prophetess Naise's participation in the show underscores the conflict between religious convictions and the realm of popular culture.

Prophetess Naise - one of Zambia's gospel preachers confirmed last year that, many Pastors in Zambia wanted to share a bed with her, but she refused to give them her sweet forbidden fruit.

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