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We Did Not Issue A License To A Strip Club, Confirms Lusaka City Council

Published: 2023-09-27T20:07:50Z -2,898 People Read This

Lusaka City Council

In recent developments, the Lusaka City Council has refuted claims of granting a strip club license to a local businessman in Lusaka.

The Council's Public Relations Manager has made it clear that they have not been presented with any formal request for such a license.

Additionally, health inspectors conducted an investigation and found no evidence of a strip club operating at the specified location.

The Council emphasized its commitment to adhering to the country's laws and emphasized that it would unequivocally reject any application for such an establishment if it were ever submitted.

This news has sparked a heated debate on social media, with individuals expressing a wide range of opinions. Some have voiced their support for the idea, while others have vehemently opposed it.

In response to the situation, the leader of the National Democratic Congress expressed astonishment and called upon the Christian community to denounce the proposed business, asserting that it contradicts the Christian values upheld by the nation.

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