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Aqualaskin Issues Apology to Tina, Feroza & Fans

Published: 2023-09-27T19:47:55Z -2,225 People Read This


Zambian music artist Aqualaskin has issued a sincere apology to Tina, Feroza, and his fans, acknowledging the distress and embarrassment he unintentionally caused them.

He takes full responsibility for his actions and expresses remorse for using social media and public drama to promote his music, realizing the negative impact it had on his relationships.

Aqualaskin seeks forgiveness from Tina, emphasizing their shared responsibility as co-parents for their daughter's well-being.

He also extends a heartfelt apology to Feroza for the shame and humiliation she experienced, admitting that some of his behaviors were driven by a desire for viral attention.

Aqualaskin denies false narratives about his character and hopes to move forward with mutual respect and understanding.

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