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Download Davaos & Muzo AKA Alphonso

Published: 2023-09-17T19:45:05Z -4,731 People Read This

Davaos & Muzo AKA Alphonso

Zambian musical trio, Davaos, has made an electrifying comeback with their latest single, "Mutila Nalipwa," and an accompanying music video that's setting the music scene on fire. This dynamic track features the skilled artist Muzo AKA Alphonso.

The music video, brilliantly directed by Ashtrey, serves as an exhilarating visual spectacle, offering a front-row seat to Davaos' undeniable musical prowess and boundless energy.

The video unfolds a compelling narrative as it follows the trio through a series of challenges, ultimately culminating in their triumphant victory.


This music video stands as a resounding testament to Davaos' return to the music scene. After a hiatus, the trio is making an impressive comeback that's sure to leave a lasting impact on the industry.

Davaos & Muzo AKA Alphonso

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