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Betting company 1xBet Launches Play Responsibly Campaign

Published: 2023-05-19T13:44:03Z -5,205 People Read This

DJ Mzenga Man & 1xBet Advise To Bet Responsibly

Reliable bookmaker 1xBet is launching the Play Responsibly campaign, which will help players learn the rules of responsible betting and not risk their budget.

“Gambling is multifaceted – it can bring both the joy of guessing the result and winning and the disappointment of failure. But no victories are without defeats, so a single loss will never upset a responsible player. They know how to manage their finances, bet wisely and never get into a difficult financial situation. And, of course, such a player does not lose large sums because they know the responsible betting rules. Now everyone can learn them!” - says the company 1xBet representative Alex Sommers.

Play Responsibly campaign ambassador is DJ Mzenga Man – a well-known Zambian musician and producer who has received many awards for his work. DJ Mzenga Man has prepared a series of videos about responsible betting and encourages celebrities to talk about the right approach to betting.

“We, influencers who are well versed in gambling, should use our popularity and knowledge to educate as many players as possible about responsible betting. And first of all, this should be told to the youngest players, who, like no one else, need protection from rash decisions. Celebrities, do not be indifferent, do not stand aside, because the younger generation is our future!” - DJ MZENGA MAN.

1xBet and DJ Mzenga Man have prepared a contest, and prize draws for the most responsible players. You can find out the dates and conditions of activities from our social networks.

As part of the Play Responsibly campaign, 1xBet has also prepared a series of educational articles for players on responsible betting, which will be published in the largest online media in Zambia. You will learn:

How you can gamble without harming your health and wallet;

How to properly manage money so that they are enough not only for life but also for entertainment;

How to behave correctly in case of a win (not to risk the entire amount on the next bet, etc.) and a loss (not to try to win back immediately, etc.).

Millions of people worldwide make bets on the 1xBet platform every day. And as a reliable and responsible bookmaker, 1xBet takes care of all its players. The company does not allow minors to bet, and adults try to instil a responsible attitude towards gambling. You can only get pleasure and income from bets!

Play fun and be responsible!

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