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Here Are Chef 187's Most Watched Videos In 10 Years.

Published: 2023-05-19T13:26:48Z -2,815 People Read This

Zambian Singer Chef 187

Chef 187: A Decade of Musical Brilliance Reflected in His Most-Watched YouTube Videos

Chef 187, the talented Zambian singer, songwriter, and assistant music producer, has captivated audiences both within and beyond Zambia for over a decade with his exceptional music.

His melodies have served as a source of solace, providing an escape from stress for many. Others have embraced his music as the perfect accompaniment for their special events, ceremonies, and lively parties.

Interestingly, some individuals, particularly men, have even found success in wooing their partners by serenading them with Chef 187's enchanting songs, leading to lasting relationships and the joys of parenthood.

Today, presents an exclusive compilation of Chef 187's top five most watched music videos on YouTube, spanning the glorious 10 years of his illustrious singing career.

In these captivating visuals, you will witness Chef 187's incredible talent on full display, as he effortlessly shines both as a featured artist and when collaborating with other musical talents.

Number 5:
Stamina By B Face featuring Chef 187
Download Stamina

Number 4:
Ba Yubu By Chef 187 featuring Jemax
Download Ba Yubu

Number 3:
Bwacha By Chef 187 featuring Jazzy Boy
Download Bwacha By Chef 187

Number 2:
Husband Material By Chef 187
Download Husband Material By Chef 187

Number 1:
No Body By Blake featuring Chef 187
Download No Body By Blake & Chef 187

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