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Its Over 2 Years Now Since I Saw Slapdee & Bobby East - Says Former Manager Hmac

Published: 2023-05-19T11:47:59Z -2,689 People Read This

Kalandanya Music Promotion Is The Reason I Have Not Seen XYZ Artists

In a surprising turn of events, Hmac, the former manager of XYZ artists, took to WhatsApp yesterday to share that it had been two long years since he last crossed paths with Slapdee and Bobby East.

To provide some context, Hmac used to hold the vital role of booking agent and general manager for all the talented musicians under XYZ entertainment.

However, a rift emerged between him and the record label during the previous general presidential campaigns due to trivial disagreements.

Rumors began to circulate, suggesting that Slapdee and Bobby East had secretly signed a performance contract with the then-former President, Edgar Lungu.

The terms of the contract supposedly included the artists creating songs to extol Lungu's virtues. The clandestine nature of this agreement meant that even Hmac, the artiste manager, remained unaware of its existence.

When Hmac eventually learned about these covert actions, he faced the unfortunate consequence of being dismissed from the record label and relieved of his managerial responsibilities.

Since then, Hmac has chosen to remain tight-lipped about the exact circumstances that led to his separation from his former companions.

However, yesterday marked a significant shift as he took to his WhatsApp status, boldly stating that "Bwalya Kalandaya of KMP was the reason why Bobby East and Slapdee abandoned him (Hmac)."

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