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I am Back In Stduio, Singer B'Flow Announces

Published: 2023-01-23T11:38:05Z -5,177 People Read This

Zambian Musician B Flow Inchito Yakufwaya

Super multi-talented musician, song writer and music producer – B Flow has confirmed, he is back in studio working on new songs.

In November 2022, B’Flow released a song titled “Cry Of A Woman” which would later become the biggest song in Zambia by then. Female singer – Judy Yo also featured on “Cry Of A Woman”

B’Flow would later release his “Voiceless Woman” album that won him so many music awards and recognitions in Zambia.

Since then, the raga / dancehall / afrobeat singer has given Zambians the style and touch that they have always craved for in music not until in 2020 when he (B’Flow) became so busy with humanitarian work that forced him to recess his singing career.

Before he took a break, BFlow had released a song titled “Amenone”

Now, word reaching confirms, B’Flow has started recording music again after almost three years.

In his own words, the singer said “My music writing formula back in the day was such that one song will be complemented by another. For example, Side Plate was complemented by Chitemene System. Bubblegum Lover was complemented by Cry of a Woman. I'm back in the studio”.

To all his fans, make sure you keep it locked to this website for all B’Flow updates.

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