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Singer Nalu Says, She Wanted True Love Not Money

Published: 2023-01-16T18:04:49Z -6,890 People Read This

Nalu and Exile

Female Zambian singer - Nalu has for the first time since 2023 started, took to social media responding to fans that have in recent times asked her as to why she got engaged to a poor man.

Nalu is the official wife to talented Zambian artist “Exile” who a few years changed his stage name to Izrael.

The two have been eating each other for now twenty years and they have no signs of dumping each other so soon.

In her facebook post, Nalu sent a string message to all social media in-laws reminding them that “She was not looking for a rich man who had money, houses and cars, but rather, she was looking for true love”.

“20 years later, I am still with the man I chose, not because of money, but for love”. If you are exchanging love for money, then I advise you to get married to money, then invite me for a lengthy talk 20 years from now” – Nalu added.

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