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Movie Actor Leo Simukoko Risks Rotting In Prison

Published: 2023-01-16T17:44:08Z -2,766 People Read This

Mushala Leo Simukoko

Leo Simukoko – a talented Zambian movie actor / script writer may soon spend some time behind bars unless he prays so much to God to intervene.

For starters, Leo Simukoko is that handsome man who played the best role in the “Mushala” film that went viral in 2019.

According to court documents seen by our reporters, it is alleged that, in March 2022, 34 year old Leo Simukoko while on his way home, he asked for a female driver to give him a lift – something that she accepted since they were taking the same direction.

On stopping at Simukoko’s home, the lady asked him to allow her use the toilet because she wanted to ease herself.

After easing herself, Simukoko’s brain sent him to forcefully have sex with the lady. Thank God, the lady was so energetic in that, she managed to push him off her hence denying him access to her forbidden fruit.

Now, court in Lusaka has adjourned the case till next month to give time to both sides before they appear again in court to hear the judge’s rule.

If the lady brings all necessary proof to the court, Leo Simukoko may spend over 3 years in prison for trying to rape someone.

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