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Retired Rapper Macky2 Praises Chef 187

Published: 2023-01-16T15:30:02Z -5,582 People Read This

Macky 2 and Chef 187

Last week, top Zambian rapper – Chef 187 released his fifth music album titled Broke Nalunkumbwa.

The album consists of 24 songs of which some are features from other Zambian musicians.

Although physical CD sales were still disappointing, according to statistics, Chef 187’s album attracted almost 1,000,000 digital streams online – hence making a record as the most streamed album by a Zambian artiste in less than 24 hours.

Upon its achievement as the most streamed album in 24 hours, Chef 187’s elder brother and retired singer - Macky 2, took so social media eulogizing the later.

Chef 187 is mashing up everything, he is topping charts in Zambia, and it is a good thing that I retired from active music,” - Macky2 over praised Chef 187.

Macky2 believes that, his young brother – Chef 187 is the biggest rapper in Zambia after him.

Download Broke Nalunkumbwa By Chef 187

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