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Uprising Singer Aqualaskin Blasts Rapper Drifta Trek

Published: 2023-01-09T22:10:43Z -5,004 People Read This

Aqualaskin, Drifta Trek

Uprising Aqualaskin musician has thrown shots to rapper Drifta Trek by calling him all sorts of names.

It should be remembered that, Drifta Trek accused Aqualaskin for releasing a song on the same date with Chef 187.

In his facebook post, Drifta beleives that, no Zambian musician should release new music on the same day with Chef 187

Aqualaskin took to social media and said  “You can clearly see that even animals have started thinking better than some of these so called musicians, Ah! this is so worrying I swear and these are the people you call artists and expect our industry to thrive or go any where.


Clearly they some Pure illiterate ass kissers. I now see why none of you niggas will ever pass Slap, Macky 2, CHef 187 or even my level Muli batutu last.

Me dropping a song the same day as sensei is no disrespect or me competing with him. It’s sportsmanship for the love of the culture I am the next of kin so I have to align myself with the great, that’s me giving myself a challenge to actually outdo myself as a rapper.

Chef 187 is really a formidable legend in the Zambian rap scene and I for one respect this OG big time plus if we are being really honest how can A single compete with an album, worse from one of thee Greatest Rappers we have?

Chef 187 understands what I meant clearly and I’m sure he has no problem with it. Me and lyrical Joe Mbuzi have sat down a couple times and he has poured so much wisdom in me, I respect him for all he has done for the game but even he knows this sport is about (If they won’t let you in enter by force).

I will drop that single regardless your misquote of what I posted and if your really got offended I called you Pussy for not dropping the same day I still stand on it, s$ck my D with authenticity!


Drifta, you will never get a diss from me! I’m in the big league I’m past yowa level. Consider this a boost to your career! They won’t even understand this as well some body translate Uko please!”

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