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Singer Shenky Vows To Expose His Ex Sugar Mummy's Dirty Side

Published: 2022-12-17T03:19:54Z -6,457 People Read This

Shenky Shugah and Vicky Malo

Apparently as you read this, celebrated Zambian Singer and music producer – Shenky Shugah is not a happy man after learning that, his ex-sugar mummy is busy tarnishing his name out there.

During the Covid19 pandemic, Shenky broke up with his then sugar-mom known as Vicky Malo.

Last year, Shenky’s friends told this website that, the singer dumped Vicky because she had become broke.

 Now, almost two years after falling out, it is alleged that, Vicky has started talking nosense about Shenky – something that has not vanished well with Shenky Shugah.

Unconfirmed rumour substantiates that, Vicky has been faking screenshots to prove to her circles that, Shenky is always pleading with her (Vicky) to get back together.

Shenky has since refuted the claim hence referring to Vicky desperate for young boys.

Angry Shenky has now sworn to expose Vicky’s dirty side if she does not apologize to him for naively and erroneously tainting his name.

“I know a lot about that old woman called Vicky, I have always kept quite about her, but this time around, I am ready to expose her if she continues to attack my new wife, Vicky is a bogus woman”, said Shenky.

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