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Angry Yango Taxi Drivers Warn Singer K'millian

Published: 2022-12-14T11:20:20Z -4,315 People Read This

Zambian singer K'millian

Faded Zambian musician K’millian is back in the news again – yes, for the bad reasons.

Our Lusaka reporters have learned that, singer K’millian (real name Leo Moyo) of the Kakabalika hit song might start footing to his destinations if he does not man up.

This comes at a time when, a handful of cab drivers under Yango Taxi are accusing the singer for always snubbing to pay them for the services they offer to him.

24 year old Alex Phiri – a taxi driver who works with Yango, told that, on several occasions, K’millian has ordered for a cab to take him wherever he is going, but, on reaching his destination, the singer refuses to pay.

“I will never waste my time again rushing to pick that poor man K’millian, he does not pay for our services, he gives you excuses that he left his wallet at home”, - said another Yango taxi driver.

“Teti Ashiteko Nangu Ka Vitz”, - angry drivers warned K’millian

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