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Hullo, I Can Never Date Yo Maps Again - Mwizukanji

Published: 2022-11-29T22:40:34Z -5,850 People Read This

Mwizukanji & Yo Maps

Three years ago, trending Zambian musician Yo Maps bitterly broke up with his then girl friend – Mwizukanji.

After failing to mend his broken relationship with Mwizukanji, Yo Maps went ahead to get married to his now official wife “Kidist” – formerly the late singer Daev’s girl friend.

Yesterday, singer Mwizukanji took to social media calling upon her 200,000+ followers to ask her any question they always wanted to.

“Given a chance, would you ever go back to your ex boyfriend “Yo Maps” and start dating him again”? - One of her followers asked Mwizukanji.

Since it was a Q&A session, Mwizukanji boldly responded with a big NO !!! is now asking you the reader, would you date your ex again?

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