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Ruff Kid Is Relocating To Another Country

Published: 2022-10-07T15:30:55Z -6,782 People Read This

Zambian singer Ruff Kid

Zambian rapper - Ruff Kid has comfirmed, he is soon migrating to another country.

This evening, one of Zambia's top notch rappers "Ruff Kid" took to social media announcing his plans to relocate to Malawi - a country neighbouring Zambia.

Ruff Kid's announcement comes at a time when the Zambian music industry has started lagging behind. In the year 2018, Zambia was was ranked number 27 in the top African countries that were doing well in the arts and entertainment industry.

Four years later, Zambia is now among the top 20 worse performing countries in art, music and entertainment.

Ruff Kid blames Zambians for not supporting their own yet they love praising and supporting artists from the East, West and Southern Africa.

"I am going to Malawi where they love me, I am tired my fellow Zambians who don't support my music. So many events organisers have underlooked me, they truly don't like me, It's high time I left Zambia, Ruff Kid told a gathering.

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