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Rapper Bombshell Slept With Nexus Bosses

Published: 2022-09-28T16:09:59Z -7,287 People Read This

Zambian singer Bombshell

Today, social media in-laws in Zambia are enjoying the internet to their best. Some people have even bought more data bundles so that they do not miss any gossip.

Unconfirmed rumor reaching our desk indicates that, Zambian female singer "Bombshell", willingly served her forbidden fruit to one of the bosses at Nexus Entertainment.

Basing on the screenshots posted on social media by one "Clara Mutale" (who happens to be the baby mama to the founder of Nexus Entertainment), it is alleged that, singer Bombshell has more than once spent nights in the same bed with Nexus Entertainment's boss at his home.

Apparently, Bombshell quit Nexus Entertainment, but, at the time when she was being signed with Nexus, Clara Mutale was the acting manager at Nexus Entertainment.

By press time, efforts to reach Bombshell were futile, but, we shall keep you updated.

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