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Shadaya Trashes The Zambian Music Industry

Published: 2022-09-05T13:45:56Z -4,989 People Read This

Zambian Singer Shadaya

Forever "an upcoming" musician - Shadaya Zaher has trashed the entire Zambian Music Industry.

Shadaya - who is categorized among the most beautiful singers in Zambia, is apparently not happy with fellow artists and entertainers in Zambia. has learned that, Shadaya has both "friend and trust" issues when it comes to Zambian artists thus being one of the reasons she has branded the Zambian Music Industry - trash !!!

Although she has never had a hit a song to her beauty, this has never stopped Shadaya to express her mind more so when it comes to Zambian Music.

Today, the sexy singer too to social media and said "The whole entire Zambian Music Industry and its stakeholders" is Trash.

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