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Zambian Singer T-Low Releases "Echo Ukabila"

Published: 2022-09-05T13:09:22Z -5,823 People Read This

T-Low Releases Echo Ukabila

Soft spoken Zambian singer T-Low has released his longer awaited song titled "Echo Ukabila".

If you have not yet listened to this song nor watched its visuals, it is high time you did so because, T-Low has proved greatness and lyrical maturity on this song.

Through his social media post, T-Low said "After an experience of emotional Break downs, I personally came to realize & Conclude that there is no perfection to this subject of Love".

"Assumptions & reviews will certainly be given by people due to their various encounters with different people of different Morals & Norms - T-Low added.

The singer further said "If you're going to settle with someone, you need to clearly understand that there will be things you will never change about them, you will be hurt at some point so your expectations need to have some room for errors and disappointments".

This song teaches us that, "Man was created to explore, there is no satisfaction towards what the heart wants, just as you can never be contented with many earthly belongigs, but you choose to accept situations & conditions as they are".

Echo Ukabila By T-Low

Watch Echo Ukabila Video 


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