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Your Song With AKA Is Whack, K’Chinga Tells Macky 2

Published: 2022-08-25T19:59:23Z -5,161 People Read This

K’Chinga Macky 2 Zambian Artists

Recently, Zambian musician - Macky 2 released his very last album. On this album, Macky 2 collaborated with so many musicians including South African rapper AKA.

Macky 2's song that features AKA is titled "Beautiful Night". Produced by Baila and Miles, this song would later be released in December 2021.

Due to the fact that, the song features one of South Africa's big names, all music lovers in Zambia expected "Beautiful Night" to go viral hence become a hit, but all in vain.

To prove a point, it is now nine months gone, but the video has not even made a million views on YouTube.

- And now to make matters worse, faded Zambian singer "K'Chinga" has labelled the "Macky 2 AKA" song whack.

That song is crap, its whack, it doesn't resonate with Macky2's brand, that's why AKA did not give it any attention, said K'Chainga in a radio interview with Camstar.

Download Beautiful By Macky 2 & AKA

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