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I Was Sexually Abused, Gospel Singer Esther Chungu Narrates

Published: 2022-08-16T19:04:46Z -4,683 People Read This

Esther Chungu Zambia Gosple Musician

Last week, gospel singer Esther Chungu quit the Tuvwange Listyle Talk Show that airs on Zambezi Magic.

The reasons for her exit from the show are up to now not known, but, her close friends have told this that, Esther felt the show was no-longer adding value to her.

Today, has learned that, Esther Chungu has silently been building a fanbase for her "Blossom" show that she hosts online via her youtube channel.

One of our reporters who watched Esther Chungu's latest episode on youtube, has confirmed that, the soft spoken gospel singer was sexually abused at the age of 8.

"While I was living at my cousin's home, there is someone who practically chose to abuse me sexually", I was only eight years and my cousin was absent that day, Esther recalls".

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