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Zambian Musicians Are Fake, Says Rapper Tiye P

Published: 2022-07-13T16:58:12Z -3,630 People Read This

Zambian Musician Tiye P

Talented Zambian rapper - Tiye P is one of those musicians who never pretends when there is anything to debate on more so when it comes to music and entertainment in Zambia.

In the past, Tiye P has always called a spoon a spoon and not a spade.

In his own words, Tiye P says, he likes being point blank on issues affecting the music industry.

Today, Tiye P took to social media and responded to fellow singer "Willz Mr Nyopole" who was praising Nigerian musicians.

In his response, Tiye P said, Zambian musicians have slowly made it simply because Zambians have in recent times supported them.

The problem we still have in Zambia is, Zambian artists are full of fake love and fake hate - said Tiye P

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