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Why Arsenal Made A Long-term Commitment To Eddie Nketiah

Published: 2022-06-27T09:33:20Z -2,736 People Read This

Eddie Nketiah Arsenal

Speculation was floating around regarding Eddie Nketiah’s long-term future with Arsenal. He showcased solid potential during the 2021-22 season as a primary striker and he cemented himself in the rotation. Now, the 23-year-old Nketiah has signed a long-term deal with Arsenal.

Nketiah has been in the Arsenal system since he was 14 years of age which means that he is ready to prove himself at the top level of football. Now, he has also been adorned with the special #14 shirt which is seen as a legendary number for Arsenal players through the years because of Thierry Henry’s legacy with that number.

Now that he is back with the team on a long-term deal and he was given that number, you can tell that Arsenal is committed to maximising his potential. He has world-class potential with his natural talent and his willingness to learn.

You can just look at Nketiah’s next game with Arsenal FC where you will see him thriving as a primary goal threat. He has proven in the past season that he can score like the best of them but he needs to be more decisive with how he plays football. Now, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why he secured a solid spot in the Arsenal squad.

Nketiah Is A Reliable Striker

Despite the misconceptions regarding young strikers, Nketiah has proven to be one of the most reliable strikers in the Premier League. When Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang left Arsenal, spots opened up for the striker role. Alexandre Lacazette was still a solid fixture in the starting lineup and he was the leader but when manager Mikel Arteta needed an injection of energy and reliability, he went with Nketiah.

Now that Laca is also leaving to go back to France, Nketiah is the top option for striker play. Most people will believe that Nketiah is a reliable striker if they watch him play because he is not only speedy but he is also precise with his movements which have led to solid success for him during the 2021-22 season.

Mikel himself loves Nketiah as a fixture in the club. The tactician said, ‘I’m delighted Eddie is staying with us. He represents what we are all about and all the values of the club. We are very happy that he has extended his contract and now we have to get to work and continue to develop the great talent and person that we have in him’.

Nketiah Is A Long-term Investment

Since he is still a young player, you should expect that Nketiah will be a huge part of the youth movement that Mikel is trying to strengthen in the club. With his 10 goals during the 2021-22 season, there is solid potential in him but he was just not giving the minutes that he wanted.

As a technical director, Edu wants to prove himself at the top level of English football. The Brazilian director said, ‘The foundations of this squad are built on young talent and in particular those who have come through our academy system. Eddie was released by another club as a young man but has always shown he has the attitude as well as the ability to become a top player’.

The Arsenal Squad Is Familiar With Nketiah’s Playstyle

Familiarity goes a long way in the Premier League and since most of the Arsenal squad is back, you can tell that Arsenal will be more familiar with how Nketiah plays. He has been around for a long while now which means that he will be a force to be reckoned with.

The fast pace is a big part of the Arsenal offence which is why Nketiah is a solid addition to the team. He has gotten the taste of playing in front of the best fans in the world as he cemented himself at the top tier of the Gunners.

Nketiah Will Keep Improving

With how Nketiah has played over the past few months, he has cemented himself as a top striker. He is not that locked in just yet but he is on the fast lane to see Nketiah thrive as a player. You should look at the next game with Arsenal FC as the team is ready to prove themselves once again. As you look through Nketiah’s career, you will see that the youngster will thrive in the top league.

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