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Mampi Blasts Arrogant UPND Supporter

Published: 2022-06-06T16:52:26Z -4,371 People Read This

Mampi Zambian Musician

Over the weekend, Zambia's multi-talented musician "Macky 2" held a concert dubbed "For The Last Time" - a concert that was attended by over 1000 people at East Park Mall in Lusaka.

Amongst the artists who performed on stage was Mampi aka the self proclaimed Queen Diva. 

Immediately after the show, Mampi took to social media letting people know how she had also gone to support Macky 2.

But, one of the fans who we have learned that he is a UPND supporter, arrogantly attacked Mampi, telling her how her time on stage was also at the climax. The fan went further to advise Mampi to also quit singing just like Macky2 did.

The fan believes, Macky2 quit singing because he was no-longer relevant after proving to Zambians that he was a PF musician. 

In her response, Mampi told the commenter to shut up. She also assured the commenter that, artists' talents are not human given but rather God given, and so, she (Mampi) was not ready to stop singing just like Macky 2 announced.

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