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F Jay Says, Nexus Had Silenced Urban Hype

Published: 2022-06-03T15:16:20Z -3,369 People Read This

Urban Hype's F Jay

Self proclaimed King Of RnB genre in Zambia - F Jay has comfirmed that, one of Zambia's artist management labels "Nexus Entertainment" is the main reason as to why many Zambian musicians are fading in recent times.

In an exclusive interview he had yesterday on a local radio station, the self made singer "F Jay" frankly told whoever had tuned in that, Nexus Entertainment has over shadowed so many Zambian musicians.

Yes, Nexus has helped a few artists in Zambia, but, reality is, it has only fronted those artists that are more friendly and closest to Nexus' bosses.

F Jay further made it clear that, ever since Urban Hype got signed under Nexus, the group has not released a single track due to the bureaucracy within Nexus management.

"So whoever is asking me as to why Urban Hype has been silent for the last two years, just know, Nexus' aim was to kill Urban Hype, but no worries, Urban Hype is set to release a brand new song next week" - F Jay added.

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