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I Want To Be Like Rihanna - Says Iris Kaingu

Published: 2022-05-27T13:59:32Z -4,707 People Read This

Zambian Socialite Iris Kaingu

The name Iris Kaingu can not go unmentioned whenever there is a discussion or argument related to socialites in Zambia.

From expensive parties to expensive dresscodes to living a lavish life, you will still have to mention her name whether you like it or not. 

Iris Kaingu who lost in the 2021 parliamentary elections is one of the most beautiful and top-notch celebrated socialites that Zambia has ever had. Indeed she is the best example of this phrase - "I do what makes me happy".

At the launch of the Fenty store in Lusaka, Iris Kaingu was one of the Zambian celebrities that took their time to attend the event.

While at the event, she seemed to be taken up by the Fenty brands - something that made the crowd to ask for her opinion regards Rihanna opening a Fenty store in Zambia.

Iris Kaingu's response was "I admire Rihanna so much, I like her so much, I am so much into her, I like her hardwork, and for that reason, I would like to be like her" - she said.

Iris also told whoever was present that, after being inspired by Rihanna, she (Iris) has also opened up her own brand. 
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