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FINALLY: Slapdee Explains What Ended His Beef With Macky2

Published: 2022-05-19T09:09:15Z -5,430 People Read This

Top Zambia Musicians: Slapdee & Macky2

Before explaining to the host, the reason as to why him and Macky2 had to end their beef, Slapdee first took us back in the year 2007 when him and Macky2 were still friends.

I had already released two studio albums to my name before Macky2 started singing. Actually, I inspired Macky2 so much, "Slapdee bragged".

"If you did not know, get it from me today, Macky2 is a multi-talented dude, I knew him way back when he was still a village rapper, but I got to know him more in detail when he came to shoot Ruff Kid's video. The outcome of Ruff Kid's video was beyond our expectations, I then paid him to also shoot for me my own video - of which he indeed did very well, hence the genesis of our friendship, Slapdee said".

But, our beef started the day Macky2 added a verse in one of his songs. That verse was dissing my performance that I had had the previous weekend at the awards night. That verse got to the XYZ nerves, and I had to get out of my confort zone, to prove him (Macky2) that, he had started what he couldn't finish.

Our beef escalated to greater heights not until we got to know that, at one evening, while at a nightclub in Lusaka, a group of our fans exchanged bitter arguments which in the end let to the loss of one fan's life.

"Although at some point we had started earning money out of our beef, a fan loosing their life because of our beef was never our intention. Macky2 called me the next morning and he requested, we put our differences aside and end the beef for the good of our fans and the music industry - Slapdee explained"

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