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Iris Kaingu Is In Tears After Beeing Fooled.

Published: 2022-05-06T19:38:15Z -3,080 People Read This

Zambia's Iris Kaingu

With the wave of recent hackers who claim Advertising deals, Iris Kaingu becomes the latest victim in Zambia. 

Zambia's top socialite-turned politician Iris Kaingu's facebook page was hacked two days ago, and now it is in the control of severe hackers.

In 2021, the beautiful Iris Kaingu failed to make it to Parliament after loosing the MP aspirant seat to an opposition party member. We all thought, Iris would never again loose anything in her public domain, but hey, we were wrong !!!

As you read this, the party girl is still in shock after loosing access to her known facebook page to the hands of Indian hackers. At first, Iris lied to her followers that, she was not hacked, but instead was advertising items on behalf of a company that sells farming equipments.

Iris' close friend later whispered to that, it is true, the socialite's page was hacked. "You know there was a guy who inboxed Iris, the guy promised her $4000 dollars per week if she accepted to advertise the Nike, Adidas and Nestle products, She fell in the trap, and that's how she ended up loosing her page, said a friend".

Last week, Zambian musician Shenky Shugah also lost his YouTube and Instagram accounts to hackers who has promised to pay him $3000 dollars per week. The singer has since opened up a new facebook page and YouTube channel

But Who Are These Hackers?
According to, these hackers are mostly Indians and Nigerians who are based in Africa. These hackers are attached to Indian or Chinese owned factories that are targeting the African market. 

So, their aim is to hack into pages and social media accounts owned by African celebrities and public figures so that they can use those pages to advertise their goods to an already built fanbase.

These hackers will inbox you with a very good business deal. Most of them use the USA and UK whatsApp numbers. They introduce themselves as marketing representatives of famous brands like Nike, Adidas, Nestle, Apple etc. 

They then lie to you how they would pay you over $7000 dollars per week if you accepted to post their products on your social media pages. Since that money is quite alot, you also end up accepting the deal, and the next step would be them sending you a link to register as their member. The moment you enter your logins, you are now hacked.

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