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Slapdee Swallows His Pride, Asks Zambians To Forgive Him

Published: 2021-10-12T10:01:10Z -6,640 People Read This

Slapdee Zambian Musician

Last week, Zambian rapper – Slapdee was nominated in the annual Afrimma awards in the category of Best Male Artist Southern Africa.

Immediately after his nomination, Slapdee took to social media advising his fans to start voting for him so that he brings the award home.

Little did he know that, the same fans he was asking for their votes, were still bleeding inside after the rapper had let them down by siding with the oppressive PF Government.

Quick Reminder: Slapdee is one the musicians who sung songs that praised the Edgar Lungu regime yet it is on record that, the former government left most Zambians in tears.

Many oppressed Zambians thought, Slapdee would have used his influence as a public figure to side with the victims of oppression – a thing that he did not do.

It is upon his mistakes, that yesterday, Zambians (mostly music fans) took to social media asking the rest of his fans to boycott voting for Slapdee in this year’s awards.

And yes – the message seems to have reached the rapper’s medulla oblongata, has confirmed.

Today afternoon, Slapdee took to social media, wrote a polite message asking Zambians to forgive him for his actions. Below is what the rapper said.

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“The last two days have been heavy with debates over my AFFRIMA nomination. This has somehow dragged to the people I love and care for because what started as an honest debate has turned into total turmoil.


I get it, I took my influence for granted and made a selfish decision. I let down the very people I should have fought for and stood by. For that I am HONESTLY SORRY. I write this not to win sympathy over the on-going nomination but purely for a smooth and peaceful life with those I may have hurt. Indeed, mistakes were made, and lessons have been learnt.

As a sign of remorse, I have asked management to withdraw my AFRIMMA nomination with immediate effect because what’s winning a trophy when you can’t win the hearts of your own people? Again, I say, I’m sorry for all the damage I may have caused to any of you,” Slapdee added.

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