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Cold Play Labels Esther Chungu "Zambia's Beyonce"

Published: 2021-09-27T05:49:26Z -2,891 People Read This

Global Citizens Live Event Cold Play & Esther Chungu On Stage

Gospel Zambian musician – Esther Chungu, wife to gospel singer Pompi is currently in the US moving from state to state as part of her career tour.

Over the weekend, Esther Chungu shared the stage with the “Cold Play” where she put up an impressive and spirited performance during the Global Citizens Live concert in New York city.

Before her performance, one of Cold Play’s instrumentalist asked the audience to welcome Esther same way Beyonce would be welcomed on stage. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me introduce to you Zambia’s Beyonce, he audibly welcomes Esther on stage.

Although the audience had no impression of who Esther Chungu was, this did not stop Cold Play members to play live instruments for the Zambian diva.

Esther Chungu performed her hit song “Jehovah” thus being the first and only Zambian artist to grace a show of this kind. Congz Esther !!!

Download Jehovah By Esther Chungu

Watch Esther Chungu’s performance below.

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