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Zambian Rapper Koby Has Quit Slapdee's XYZ

Published: 2021-09-21T13:45:47Z -5,248 People Read This

Zambian Rapper Koby

Zambian Rapper KOBY has also quit Slapdee’s record label. Koby’s exit from XYZ comes barely two days after DJ Hmac too quitting XYZ.

In a statement posted by Koby on social media platform facebook, the rapper says he has had a very good time working with XYZ Entertainment.

“I have been with XYZ Entertainments for the last 7 years and my time here has been nothing short of amazing. Apart from being a recording artist I have mixed and mastered every album and record that has dropped on the label during this time.

I had the rare opportunity to work with some of the countries biggest talents including the late great P Jay and Daev Zambia to mention a few.

I have nothing but gratitude to the entire XYZ crew and management and more especially Slapdee, for giving me this opportunity and rare privilege to work with you all.


Moving forward however, I do believe that my vision no longer coincides with that of the label and therefore I wish to officially announce my departure from the label. It's an extremely emotional moment for me and I will forever keep each one of you at heart.

Thank you to all the fans and supporters for warmly welcoming me to the XYZ family and for giving me support through out my tenure here. I wish the entire XYZ crew and Management the very best. May God bless you all”

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