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Faded Rapper Chisenga Not Happy With Chef 187

Published: 2021-07-26T18:20:32Z -3,961 People Read This

Chisenga aka Crisis Mr Swagger & Chef 187

Faded Zambian Rapper “Chisenga”, formerly CRISIS Mr Swagger is apparently not happy with some of the musicians in Zambia.

In recent times, Chisenga’s fans have asked him to collaborate with some of the most happening rappers in the country so that he resurrects his career – an advice that he considered, though it has not yet happened till now.

Early this year, we broke news on how Chisenga was set to collaborate with singer Jae Cash on a song, but unfortunately the song did not successfully come out after Jae Cash took long to record his verse. confirms, Chisenga is still mad at Jae Cash.

Now, in one of his most recent interviews, Chisenga confirmed to his die-hards that, he contacted rapper Chef 187 so the two could record a song together.

Chef 187 agreed and supported the idea, but he asked Chisenga to first pay for the collabo. “I failed to record a song that would feature rapper Chef 187 simply because, he (Chef187) asked Chisenga a huge sum of money for just a collabo”, said Chisenga.

Chisenga, who is now based in Australia felt betrayed and under-rated by Chef 187 - a new-skool rapper hence the reason why he has up to now not released a song that features any trending Zambian artist.

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