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Zambia's Chinyemba Knocks Out Australia's Alex Windwood

Published: 2021-07-26T17:41:15Z -2,836 People Read This

Japan Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Australian boxer Alex Winwood has missed out on gold but he'll go down in history for his 'shake a leg' which stole the show at the opening ceremony of the Olympic games.

The flyweight went viral on Friday night when he was seen doing an Indigenous dance as he entered the empty Tokyo Stadium.

The Noongar man then showed true fighting spirit in his first boxing bout on Monday evening but suffered a split-decision loss to Zambia's Patrick Chinyemba.

Judge Karn Naklam gave the victory to Winwood after three tight rounds at the Kokugikan Arena but the remaining four judges deemed Chinyemba the winner, based on fancy footwork and a range that Winwood couldn't keep up with.

Patrick Chinyemba was adjudicated a 29-28 winner on three scorecards securing himself a spot in round 16.

Congs Team Zambia !!!

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