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HH Fans Roast Iris Kaingu, Her Thexi Tape Resurrects

Published: 2021-07-10T22:21:09Z -5,435 People Read This

Hakanide Supporters At Iris Kaingu Mwandi Constituency Contestant

Zambian socialite Iris Kaingu was born in a rich family which many assert, it was tax payers’ money that contributed to her family’s wealth.

The diva who broke onto the scene in 2012 with her “S3x Tape” has worked her way up to the ladder to become arguably the top socialite in the country now. 

Iris is a darling to so many Zambian youths for the open character she is always exhibiting on and off the celebrity scene.

However, some of her oppressed & vulnerable fans are not happy with her. This is because, she (Iris Kaingu) disrespected UPND Presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema aka HH.

In her social media post, the socialite-turned politician chose to refer to Hakaninde Hichilema a “Petty”. “No one is going to vote for you HH, but first 12th August Lelo Lelo”, Iris Kaingu posted.

It is after that post, that Iris’ fans joined Hakainde’s supporters and jointly roasted Iris Kaingu while calling her all sorts of names. Some angry fans event ended up commenting on her post with videos of her S3x Tape.

It should be remembered that 30 year old Iris Kaingu, a PF member, is among the contestants vying to represent Mwandi Constituency in the August 2021 general elections.

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