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Yo Maps' Girlfriend Kidist Gives Birth, Fans Advise Singer To ManUp

Published: 2021-07-06T22:58:00Z -9,618 People Read This

Yo Maps & Kidist Welcome Baby

Yo Maps and Kidist have been dating ever since the singer started topping charts in Zambia.

A close friend to Yo Maps told that, the couple started staying together almost a year plus.

The tiresome nights that Yo Maps and Kidist spent while eating all the forbidden fruits in the garden of bed, have finally yielded.

On Monday 5th July 2021, singer Yo Maps and his now official girlfriend “Kidist” welcomed their first child  - yes, the couple now has a baby girl, reports

Immediately after giving birth, doctors confirmed to the “Finally” hit maker that, mother and child were in good condition.

Yo Maps quickly took to social media to share his bundle of joy and good news with his growing fanbase. In his own words, he had this to say………

“Kidist my love delivered our beautiful little baby girl ' Bashi Tendai'. Yesterday around 13:00hrs after a short labor, though it was quite a scary at the end. And it hasn't snuck in just yet that we have our own little girl”, Yo Maps said.

With happiness all over him, Yo Maps further stated that “I just can't wait to make the most amazing memories with Kidist and Tendai as we begin our little family. I must say, I'm so happy and amazed by Kidist and she is now my hero, for she is now a mother to my beautiful baby girl. I'm so proud of her for everything she has gone through. Feels good to have them both home. I will love you both forever until my last breath”.

Immediately after sharing the news on social media platforms, most of his female fans and followers through comments, advised Yo Maps to manUp so that he becomes be a good father who will not isolate his children.

It is alleged that, a few days before Kidist gave birth, Yo Map’s ex girlfriend “Mwizukanji” and Kidist had ranted at each other on social media.

Yo Maps already has his very first child with his ex girlfriend "Mwizukanji" whom he dumped almost two years now. This means that, Yo Maps apparently has two children.

It should be known that, Kidist was the late singer Daev's girlfriend.

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