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Singer Levy Sakala Of "Sakala Brothers" Has Died

Published: 2021-06-17T15:40:57Z -2,793 People Read This

Levy Sakala Brothers Dead

Legendary Zambian Musician – Levy Sakala, of the Sakala Brothers has passed on in Lusaka.

Information reaching confirms that Levy Sakala, a former member of the duo “Sakala Brothers” died today Thursday 17th June 2021.

May His Soul Rest In Peace.

In the June 2021, we had a one on one chat with the late Levy Sakala, and below is what he told our reporter.

I was born in 1974  in one of Lusaka’s largest township called Matero at a place called Chingwele.


My father was associate pastor at apostolic faith mission church. I came from a musical family, particularly my father loved to sing he would even sing in the bathroom, he encouraged us to sing and had an impact in my musical career.

I grew up near the independence stadium, and during weekends at football matches, a brass band would play and we would go and watch them.

When I was 13 years old I joined the church choir and in the same year joined the school choirs at Mtendere primary school were I was doing my primary education.

At church we used to have competitions at national level, and in 1984 we travelled to Tanzania for a singing competition, in the same year I performed as the only male in an all girls choir. I used to dance in my spare time but never bothered to join a dance troupe.

In 1987 I went to Matero Boys Secondary School and this were i met Moses. It is here were he told me about his interest in music, and this prompted me to ask him to join the school choir which he did.


When I went to grade ten, I and Moses had started thinking of recording, but money was a problem.

My brother John who really believed in me and had interest in music himself, offered to sponsor us for the recording.

It was john my elder brother who taught me how to play a three stringed guitar. The body was made out of a big cooking oil tin, Neck made out of wood and the fret made out of fence wire.


My young brother was also very good with the guitar, and I learnt good tunes from him too.

In pursuit to recording our first song there was need for us to rehearse with a band so that is how we started rehearsing with the Burning Youths at New Londe Motel where they played as a resident band.

On the day of our first gig, we were so scared because PK Chishala was also playing at New Londe Motel and this was the time when his song “Chimbayambaya” was a big hit.

Nonetheless, we put up an electrifying performance and since John was attending the gig, he was left with little doubt that his money would go to waste but went forward and sponsored us to record our first song “Kumawa”.


Ironically all this was happening without my father’s concern, my father liked the song but little did he know that “Kumawa”was sung by me and Moses.

After “Kumawa” was released and attained a fair air play status, I began to revise my thoughts about my career in the military, football or church ministry.

In the December 2013, Sakala Brothers separated and begun solo careers. Levy Sakala joined gospel music as a Pastor and entertainer.

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