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Zambia's Kenneth Kaunda Is Dead

Published: 2021-06-17T15:01:23Z -3,214 People Read This

Zambia's First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda Is Dead

Information coming in from his family, relatives and friends confirms that, Kenneth Kaunda is dead.

Zambia’s first Republican President – Dr Kenneth Kaunda passed on at exactly 15:17 hours Lusaka time.

Kenneth Kaunda’s son – Kambarange Kaunda confirmed the sad news to

Fellow Zambians, Africa and the world over, It is with sad news that I announce the death of my father, a freedom fighter and father of the nation.

Since this week begun, Kenneth Kaunda has been so ill before being admitted to Maina Soko Medical Centre in Lusaka.

Kenneth Kaunda has been battling with Pneumonia for a long time, but we are yet to find out the cause for his death.

Kenneth Kaunda was born on 28th April 1924, and has died on Thursday 17th June 2021 at exactly 15:13 hours in Lusaka Zambia.

Kenneth David Kaunda, also known as KK, is a Zambian former politician who served as the first President of Zambia from 1964 to 1991.

Kaunda is the youngest of eight children born to an ordained Church of Scotland missionary and teacher; an immigrant from Malawi.

For most of the colonial period, Zambia was governed by an administration appointed from London with the advice of the British South Africa Company.

On 24 October 1964, Zambia became independent of the United Kingdom and Prime Minister Kenneth Kaunda became the inaugural President.

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