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Musicians Pilato, B Flow & Others Sue Electoral Commission

Published: 2020-09-14T19:39:30Z -8,596 People Read This

Zambian Artists Have Sued Electoral Commission Zambia (ECZ)

Zambian musicians Pilato, Maiko, B'flow, Nawa Sitali and Muleta Kapatiso have taken Electoral Commission Of Zambia (ECZ) to the Courts Of Law.

On Monday 11th September 2020, through their lawyers Nchito & Nchito Advocates, Musicians Pilato, B Flow Nawa Sitali & Muleta filed a case against the Electoral Commission body for wanting to reregister the whole country as voters in the 2021 general elections.


If ECZ goes ahead to register all Zambians as voters, it means that even children below the age of 18 shall have the right to vote. will follow up this, and update you on what comes out of the court’s ruling.

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