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Kantu Quits Music, Fans Put Blame On Slapdee

Published: 2020-09-03T10:08:21Z -10,310 People Read This

Zambian Musician Kantu Has Quit Music.

Beautiful Kantu was once a known musician under a label called XYZ Entertainment. For all the years she worked with the above record label, Kantu released many hit songs such as Mungeli, Remember among others.

When everyone else started living XYZ, calm spoken Kantu stayed and continued releasing songs like Alangizi, Mu Suit, Lonely etc.

On 19th April 2016, Kantu would then quit her former label XYZ to start a solo career that saw her manage herself with the help of Producer KB and others.

Since 2016, a solo career has not been sustainable for Kantu. Like any other struggling solo artist, she managed to release songs like: Wanjipaya, Love Me, Anajaila and I wish but did not resurrect her career.

In the year 2017, Kantu’s music curvature went down day after day. Her close friends told that “Kantu got so much into love relationships – a thing that made her overlook entering the studio to cook new songs for her fans.

We are told, Power FM’s proprietor “Kenny Tonga” is one of the men that always kept sexy Kantu busy in a relationship to a level where she would even forget composing a single verse.

And two year’s a go, Kantu was dating a Zambian sportsman. We are told the two broke up though we could not authentic the source of this rumour. Kantu is now dating one Zambian tycoon that we are yet to identify.

In August 2020, reported on how singer Kantu discussed with some of her friends and producers including KB on how she was ready to quit music – and yes!! She meant it.

Yesterday, 2nd September 2020, talented singer KANTU officially spoke out on how she has quit the music trade. I have decided to end my music career so that I can concentrate on other things. In life, we all grow, growth comes with change, and change comes with so many other things – Kantu told her fans while thanking everyone that has supported her since day one.

Kantu further assured her fans that, she would release one more album titled “Breathe”. My “gift” album is titled “BREATHE”.

Life is a journey and along the way we make mistakes. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, we lose and sometimes we win. We get our hearts broken, we cry, we heal. We are all fragile beings and deserve to be loved despite our flaws. But through it all, we should never forget to breathe – Kantu added.


Immediately after her announcement, fans took to social media and put the blame on rapper Slapdee. Ever since Slapdee let Kantu quit XYZ, her career was buried, this is why I blame Slapdee for Kantu’s failure – a fan posted on Twitter while other facebook noise makers had this to say.

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